How can creativity change the world?

This is a space to showcase the power of our creative industries, to the world and to key decision-makers who will play a part in shaping our future. What are you doing to make your community a better place, and why is it so important to support the UK creative industries as we begin to open up again.

Creative people create meaning and value for everyone, and along with that, now incidentally, we create a massive contribution to GDP. Creativity is a heavyweight in its impact for everyone.
London Fashion Week is a celebration not only of our brilliant creative designers but of the entire ecosystem, the broader creative community that makes London the vibrant & inspiring city that it is.
Any art or design is essentially a hopeful thing. A thing of creation, of the future.
As Albert Einstein once said "creativity is intelligence having fun" we need more intelligence on our TV Screens, in our cinema's and across all creative platforms.
Art can communicate truth, and promote acceptance in a world full of missinformation
Creativity plays a huge part in everything we do and will help us solve the problems of the future.
Creativity permeates into all facets of life. Without music, we wouldn't dance. Without crafts, we wouldn't make a house a home. Without creative thinking, we wouldn't progress.
Creativity changes how people see the world. It brings us together, it inspires us to be better.
Creativity breeds ideas The light bulb was once an idea. The telephone was once an idea. The internet was once an idea. The world moves forward with each idea becoming a reality.
Reality is wrong, Dreams are for real.
Creativity gives us ways to express ourselves even as we come to terms with life in our new Covid 'permdemic' world. Vital for wellbeing and mental health!
Creativity 20/21. It enabled the digital platforms we used to communicate. It gave us the box sets that kept us entertained. It led to the thinking that meant we got the vaccines.
Express Yourself
Help others to imagine Inspiring, Positive, Rewarding & Fun LOW CARBON LIFESTYLES.
without the creative industries, the UK world would be a sad place. We matter We ARE #WeAreCreative and need supporting @RLong_Bailey
Creativity is the bedrock of life Foster it Don't lose it
Creativity is a fundamental part of innovation and problem solving. And from a business perspective, that’s essential in all the ways imaginable. Creativity is part of AMBITIOUS's DNA #WeAreCreative
We are creativity. Transcdencing beyond borders. Creating links. Uniting. Inviting discussions. Building bridges. We are stronger together.
Reality is wrong, Dreams are for real.
*Over 1.2 million people engage in creative activity via festivals in Bristol *Across 363 days of the year *Generating over 3,000 jobs (freelance and staff) *£50m in audience spend #Bristolfestivals
Creativity is the first step in any study, a child drawing rockets today can be the engineer who will take us to Mars tomorrow.
Creativity can change our world by energising places and space, bringing communities together, creating shared experiences and stronger connections.
Creativity resides in the narrow margins of our being. It unlocks in every heartbeat and collectively inspires the creator and the receiver. Without creativity we would lose the will to live.
Creativity has the ability to change our perspective on the world - it's emotive. It drives our understanding of everything around us
Creativity can help us & keep us sane keeping us busy mentally as well as physically, how in the world can we be creative if we can no longer be artistic to design for our visual concepts.
We are all creative human beings. The power of our collective imagination can change the world. We can re-imagine the future together through playfulness, curiosity and being open to possibilities.
TEAMS not STEM Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths, Science - working in collaboration, meeting our needs, desires and dreams. That's a rich society and a sustainable future.
#bradfordlitfest 2021 102 events: live and digital Here's 1 of 100s of comments: “I’m so glad I’m here. I’ve heard the poem before but never live...amazing." #Wearecreative A different story
To show universal truth without saying too much.
Because with a little verve and light, creativity can breathe passion and meaning into mundanity, and make truly exceptional moments absolutely profound.
Creativity can be a link. It links the different parts within us, our thoughts, our spirit, our also links us to the world. Other people, new ideas, fresh perspectives.
We are creators of happiness
Creativity helps children and young people to imagine, question, make sense of their world. It nurtures emotional literacy and produces happy, healthy, citizens who make change in small & large ways
latent, known, unforeseen, magic, logic, user, needs, innovation, solve, provoke, respond, research, practice, smile, laugh, support, collaborate, transition, create, reflect, resolve, adapt, care....
The answer is all around us; in the curves and cornices of buildings; in the shape & colour of vehicles, of vessels, and of vestments. Read Shakespeare, see Picasso, hear Mozart and know the answer.
By bringing people together in mutual sharing of ideas that create a positive future for all.
We are the blue, red and white British collective, coalescing into the magenta of creativity. We are the narrative flow connecting all humans, through time, space, sounds, images, tastes and colours.
Creativity works best in freedom, not fear or control
We are providers of free music lessons for under 5s
Any art or design is essentially a hopeful thing. A thing of creation, of the future.
Creativity brought us here - before our community existed we had to imagine it. Now we celebrate culture on the coast daily with you all, and we couldn't be more grateful. #wearecreative #realideas
>WE ARE CREATIVE. >We listen look feel respond. >We provoke examine investigate collaborate deliberate accelerate. >We push design forward.
Creativity + sustainability = future We need to garner support for the power of the creative industries to bring about change for the better
The thoughtful and careful application of creativity CAN change the world for all of us. It's a powerful force that makes problems visable and the provides solutions.
Every child is born Creative. Education systems have destroyed their creativity. Ref Dr George Land NASA research on Creativity. Our future power source AI is dynamic but not Creative. We need change
We are the future - creativity is human, and can never be replaced by AI. Creative skills and creative jobs are vital.